How to apply


Step 1: Click on the Online Services link in the menu.

Online Service

NB: This opens the consular service portal in a new tab as seen below:

Step 2: Click on the CONSULAR SERVICES link in the menu to show all the services available.

Step 3: Click on the Visa Application service from above and read the information.

Step 4: Click on the various buttons listed and read, to acquaint yourself with the required information to enable you to fill out the form with the required information:

    • Visa Steps
    • Requirements
    • Application Fees
    • Mode of Payment

    Step 5: Read and click on the NO or YES button to start the application process

    Step 6: Fill out the form and click on the CONTINUE button to progress

    Step 7: Complete all 12 steps and click on the FINISH button for your application to be submitted to the mission.

      Step 8: Print a copy of the completed form (also sent to the email used for the application) and post the passport with a self-addressed envelope for processing


      When you start an application and you are unable to complete it, track the application by following the steps below and continue to finish.

      Step 1: Click on the APPLICATION TRACKING menu. Use the reference number and email address used in the application to continue the application till FINISH

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